At the end of 2014 the 3 architectural firms MASSarchitects (Massimo Pignanelli, Hasselt), DAR architects (Joris Diliën, Houthalen) and SAQ architects (Frederik Vaes, Brussels) decided to unite their complementary creativity and experiences and to work together as one firm. Today this association is a fact. Michel Janssens was attracted to shape the association and will join us as CFO to set the lines of ‘UAU’collectiv.


MASSIMO PIGNANELLI is strongly anchored in Hasselt. Various projects by his hand are known in the city centre of Hasselt. Massimo has always focused on wide-ranging design disciplines, where various levels are addressed and internal-external feedback is indispensable. In this way he has already created numerous villas, catering, loft and retail projects and interiors with an iconic serene look, inside and outside Limburg. The intention is to further explore this diversity within the new collective.

FREDERIK VAES is an internationally oriented architect. The last couple of years Frederik has been able to focus on various leisure and retail projects in capital cities such as London, New York, Berlin and Brussels. His strategic vision and specialised experience provide the new collective with an extra dimension. Massimo and Frederik are participating in the realisation of the new city hall of Hasselt, where they are part of the design team HASSALINK, which includes architectural firms Jaspers-Eyers and Michel Janssen.

The merger of both these dynamics, combined with JORIS DILIËN his years of expertise and knowledge, makes the ‘UAU’collectiv a new and adept partner in Limburgs architectural world. Joris shaped numerous large-scale residential and retail projects in an urban context in a cooperation with leading partners in terms of project development. One of his most recent projects are the buildings on the outer ring road of Hasselt, where Krëfel is located.

The fourth ‘leg’ in the association is MICHEL JANSSENS, trained in marketing and accountancy. For 15 years he has worked for renowned multinationals in sales positions. In 2010 he focussed on the guidance of liberal professions, on a financial as well as a corporate level. Michel forms the backbone of the new collective and will provide the necessary peace and quiet within the continuous stream of creative processes.