‘T Scheep Hasselt

The design for the new city hall in Hasselt aims to bring together the current administrative services in one location and in this way to organise the service smoothly and in an approachable manner for the citizen. This new city hall will be erected on the site of the old Gendarme barracks on the Guffenslaan. The building plans see to a renovation of the old Gendarme barracks with an energy-efficient new building. The accessibility of the central square is emphasised as the heart of HASSalink, which is also reflected in the mirrored wall of the new building. The new city hall has a link to the commercial centre as well as to the Groene Boulevard, the hospital and the surrounding school communities. At the same time the new city hall has to be a real ‘house’ for its visitors. We aspire a warm and attractive building where everyone will really feel at home.